Ephesians 5:3 

 'But sexual immorality and all impurity or covetousness must not even be named among you,

  as is proper among saints.'


The collection is based on the Catacomb Saints whom were dug up in Rome in the 16th century and were transported all across Europe to be worshipped as precious relics believed to be the remains of Christian saints.

These bones and skulls were decorated with gold, precious stones and enriched fabrics.

Christians from all over Europe travelled long and far to witness the power and higher faith of these plain remains, supposedly, belonging to martyrs. Not a single soul knew who these cadavers belonged to, even though their worth was enormous. My starting point was to spend no money on these works, but making something that would look so rich and wealthy it would be viewed as expensive.

This collection of masks and headpieces doesn't need to be understanded to be looked at, it is not essential to know what it is about, to acknowledge its presence and beauty.


The embellishing of our body is a way for us to elevate ourselves and being looked at by others as an experience.





Photographer   Lauranne Crahay

Styling             Margaux Stevens

Make up          Jirka Guldentops

Model             Lola @DominiqueModels

Thanks to         The Public Image & La Fille d'O