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Blasphemy is a pieced perspective, Blasfeminism is a by me made up value


Our live is build around our faith, Christianity. Important moments in our live involve the church wether we are faithful or not. For hundreds of years the faith of a person became a part of their personality, this is a value we lost in modern day Europe. Even artforms revolved around translating passages from the Bible to a piece of art (paintings, sculptures, ...)

That is why I started with reading, I think I read about 750 hagiographies.

From those I started to select, write down, reselect, organize, re-organize, ...

and so on (I came from about 200 different people) until I only got 32 left. From those I selected the 12 most horrible, gruesome, disturbing most crazy stories and decided to make personalized brooches for each one.

I choose 12 different women (or girls, the oldest one is 18) who stood up for their believes and were willing to die for what they believed in. And they didn't really cared what would happen. Faith is such a big part of our cultural heritage and nowadays often a 'bad' thing to stand up for.

The love these girls had for an idea is for me one of the most beautiful things there is.



Photographer                        Emily Damoiseaux

Photographer-assistent            Isaora Sanna

Hairstylist                             Christophe Lambenne

Makeupartist                        Sybille De Beuckelaer

Model                                Noor Chaltin @Dominique Models